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2016 Updates

Halloween Countdown

"Great Pumpkin" Date TBD
10.01 Halloween News

10.01 Sleepy Hollow info

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Halloween News
What to do with Seeds?
Top 20 Scariest Movies

Updated Trivia

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Halloween Pics Updated

2016 Updates

10.03 Parade info Updated

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Facts Updated
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First Thanksgiving letter

2015 Updates

11/18 HolidayTV SchedYULE
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Christmas CD Releases

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Rock Center Tree
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03.08 History & Facts

03.20.Updated Easter Recipes

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Halloween  Sleepy Hollow Links - Halloween News/Links

2016 Halloween Countdown


Watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"



Clifton Man Takes Down Popular Halloween Display



Updated Halloween Trivia Page


ABC News Video: In Search of the Headless Horseman


Check out our Facebook Album of Sleepy Hollow, NY Pics

Washington Irving's Home, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery


Pumpkin Patches & More - Scroll to bottom & choose State


Hackensack, NJ Clinton Place Halloween Decorations

News Video on Clinton Place Halloween in Hackensack, NJ

YouTube Video of Halloween at Dr. Gangi's Haunted House

Scary Halloween Shooting Games


Top 20 Scariest Movies of All-Time

1. Dawn of the Dead 11. The Thing
2. The Shining 12. Alien
3. The Exorcist 13. A Nightmare on Elm Street
4. The Ring 14. Evil Dead 2
5. 28 Days Later 15. Misery
6. [Rec] 16. Halloween (1978)
7. Stephen King's 'It' 17. Saw
8. Suspiria 18. Hellraiser
9. The Descent 19.The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
10. Rosemary's Baby 20. Friday the 13th
Top 10 Halloween Candy Top 10 Adult Costumes 2016

The Daily Press Top 10 lists

The National Retail Federation
1. Snickers 1. Clinton & Trump Head Mask
2. Nerds 2. Harley Quinn Costume (Suicide Squad)
3. Tootsie Rolls 3. Joker Costume (Suicide Squad)
4. Life Savers 4. Ghostbusters & Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
5. M&Ms 5. Pokemon Pikachu Hoodie
6. Reese's 6. Orange Prisoner Costume (Orange is the New Black)
7. Twizzlers 7. Deadpool Costume
8. Butterfinger 8. Pokemon Pikachu Costume
9. Skittles 9. Kylo Ren Costume (Star Wars)
10. Candy corn 10. Frozen's Elsa & Anna

What to do with those pumpkin seeds?

Plant them next year!

Scoop out seeds

Clean with cold water

Scrape off pulp

Dry w/paper towel

Spread out on cookie sheet

Let sit (away from heat) 1 week

Pick out any cracked seeds

Store in envelope, away from heat

Seeds only good for 1 year.

Eat them!

Scoop out seeds

Clean the seeds

Dry w/paper towel

Put in bowl

Toss (to taste) with oil, garlic powder, onion powder, salt & cayenne pepper.

Bake at 375F for 20 minutes.


"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

Sleepy Hollow Pics 10.12.08

Check out these Sleepy Hollow Links!

(Great for Planning Trips) 

Washington Irving's Estate 



Sleepy Hollow web sites







Events & Attractions 2016



The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Movie Disney Cartoon Paperback or Kindle

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